Goose River Press is proud to represent some of the finest writers and publishers working today. Our twenty-eight years of publishing experience ensure your work will enjoy superior design, quality production, and extensive distribution.

Why Goose River Press?


Because Goose River Press is a traditional full-service publishing house, we can ensure your work will achieve the placement and prominence it deserves. Our editors, designers, and production specialists will work with you to achieve this objective. For those who wish to self-publish, we can help you avoid costly mistakes and provide extra benefits not available from a printer alone.


Goose River Press works with Ingram, Barnes & Noble,, and many other markets in the United States and internationally to make your title available.


We invite you to submit your manuscript for consideration today. If your work is accepted for publication, it will be issued under the imprimatur of Goose River Press. Alternately, for those who wish to self-publish under another press name, Goose River Press can provide fee-based editing and printing services at competitive rates.

Publishing Submission Guidelines

Goose River Press is seeking full-length manuscripts for Traditional Royalty publication or our Flexible Publishing Program, for subjects including, but not limited to: poetry, novels, short stories, juvenile, spiritual, and self-help books. We will not consider: pornography, erotica, or occult material. Guidelines for submission are:


Complete manuscript

Cover letter with the date and contact information--including email if available

Synopsis (Not necessary for poetry manuscript.)

Author Bio

Ideas on marketing (your niche)

US $40.00 reading fee (Payments from outside the US must be made through PayPal and the fee is $45.00. We'll send a request for payment should you wish to be considered for publication by Goose River Press.)

SASE for possible return


Please explore our site. It should answer most of your questions, but if not, you can email or call us at the number above.

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