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Liberate Hawai'i! by Jon D. Olsen
17.00 USD

If the government of Hawaii had not been illegally overthrown by the U.S. Marines through a classic act of Manifest Destiny and American-style gunboat diplomacy, Hawaii would still be an independent sovereign nation today.


Liberate Hawai'i!

by Jon D. Olsen

Published by Goose River Press


ISBN: 978-1-59713-147-6

(224 pages)



Furious Love by Johnny & Carla Morton
14.95 USD

There is great fear of the pain that accompanies a loss, this story shows the raw pain but along side the pain you see God’s grace and hope.


Furious Love

by Johnny & Carla Morton

Published by Goose River Press


ISBN: 978-1-59713-076-9

(168 pages)

We Shall Rise by Deborah Cooper Harding

We Shall Rise
A History of the Washington, Maine Advent Christian Campground Association

We Shall Rise

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