Debbie Benner at Goose River Press is thoroughly knowledgeable about the printing business. Having just published my children’s book, Milkweed Is for Monarchs, I found her helpful in all areas of decision-making. She’s an extraordinarily capable professional with whom to work.

-- Bundy H. Boit, April 2017 



Every writer comes to his inspiration and craft through holding books in his hands, reading quietly, listening internally to the words, seeing their grace on the clean printed page, feeling the easy weight of the book affirming the seriousness of its themes. And every writer soon longs to create not just poems but a book of poems to share, and hazard, with other readers. But it becomes clear very quickly that publishing and printing require craft and skills of a different sort than his own. My collaboration with Goose River Press showed me what partners in publishing can do. Our proposals complemented each other nicely, communications about editing and format were frequent, changes I needed were accomplished, other ideas I mentioned wisely resisted by the editor. I feel I created my own book. I also feel the editor can say she produced a lovely book of poems for me and for Goose River Press.  

--Richard Taylor March, 2017


Editor Deborah J. Benner, through the Goose River Press, has not only provided me with first-rate publication services, but she has often served as my advisor and counsel in regard to appropriate content and vocabulary.  Her standards for GRP are lofty but reasonable, and she is open to qualifying explanations for the writer's rationale for developing poems and storylines.  In a self-publication of a poetry collection (An Irish View of the Country) and in a traditional publication of a short story collection (A Long Farewell), Debbie has treated me most professionally and made many accommodations for my amendments and corrections.  The Goose River Press is a high quality and most dignified publishing house under the skilled and knowledgeable direction of Debbie Benner.

John T. Hagan



As I began reading the Goose River Anthology, 2013 some words  I'd read by Sherry Plummer popped to mind. She'd said something like, "You can travel the world and never leave your chair when you read a book." I sensed that while devouring the latest anthology.

 I've always followed a simple formula to assess my enjoyment of the book. Basically, I noticed my unwillingness to put a an outstanding book down. After nearly a decade of reading and relishing  each issue of the Goose River Anthology,  I  felt compelled to read this 2013 issue from cover to cover.  I continually hesitated to put it away. This was truly a magnificent publication. Kudos!

--Anthony D'Alessandro

Celebration, FL



Sixty years ago there were over 90 magazines that published short fiction. Most of them also published essays and poetry. Today, it is hard to identify a mere dozen that offer an outlet for the short story and few of those offer a regular forum for essays and poetry. However, an outlet for some of the best writers in the country is now offered by such respected annual publications as the Goose River Anthology. The quality of the writing seems to get better with every issue. Get a copy and read it. You'll see what I mean.


—the late Bill Tucker: novelist, memoirist, essayist,

disciple of good short fiction,

contributor to Goose River Anthology 

Aurora, OH


I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to write for an annual quality publication, Goose River Anthology.

Juliana  L'Heureux

Tophsham, ME





I have had poems published in the Goose River Antholog,y 2010 and 2011.
 I was very impressed with both the anthology book and working with Deborah Benner. 
She was easy to communicate with regarding the acceptance and finalizing the details
of my poems.  My friends and relatives were very pleased to receive the book as a gift.
 I think the book cover is very inviting to readers. The anthology has a nice selection
 of poetry, essays, and short stories from a large number of talented authors. It makes
 a good read." (Written in 2012) 


The Goose River Anthology, 2010 is a excellent publication. I especially appreciate the ISBN number and the high quality book cover and overall quality.

Janice Babcock

Wauwatosa, WI



Words cannot begin to describe my experience in working with Deborah Benner and Goose River Press in publishing my first children's book, Plaid Frog's, Blue Toad's & Pink Pollywog's.' Her professionalism and patients went beyond my expectations, and I am so thrilled with the final results. Her attention to detail and... editing skills are amazing. The quality and color of the book is absolutely beautiful and I recommend to anyone who is seeking publication of their own book to submit to Goose River Press. You won't be disappointed. Thank you so much Deborah.
Susan M. Murdoch
Dover, NH

Thanks so much, Debbie! Having the high quality 
product that I was able to have with your publishing company 
has truly been an asset to the success of my book!

—Tammy L.R. Meserve

(author of There's a Moose Loose in the Hoose!

and There's a Moose Loose at the Fair!)

Edgecomb, ME



I am a fan of Debbie Benner and Goose River Press. Not only did she publish my Spirit Pond and Other Maine Poems and assist me in its promotion and distribution, but she has included my work in the last few Goose River Anthologies, an annual journal containing a national selection of high quality fiction, nonfiction essays and poetry.

Liz Moser

Baltimore, MD & Phippsburg, ME



Congratulations. 2011 selections are a joy to read, from beautiful cover to cover.

--Sally Belenardo,

Branford, CT




To whom it may concern:  I have worked with Debbie Benner at her Goose River Press for almost three years.  She has published three of my books plus Goose River Anthology contributions.  I have found her to be very knowledgeable, efficient and supportive.  Thanks in great part, I am working on my fourth book.  I recommend her highly.

Robert Erickson



I'm writing this office today to advise you of my deep appreciation for company owner Deborah Benner! Being a new author and unfamiliar with the publishing territory, Debbie seamlessly guided me through the start of the process to the finished product like a seasoned pro! I couldn't have been happier when I received my final product, and Deborah was always in touch and available to answer any question I had. Even on Saturdays! Thank you for providing me with such a professional publishing experience.

Lauren Caldwell

Author of Althea and the Mantle to Emporia




 Once upon a time, Goose River Press posted a call for writers on the Maine Arts Commission website. A twenty-two year old Amanda Noble happened to be searching for a publisher, saw the ad and thought, I'll try. Merely a few months after I sent her novelette draft to Goose River Press, I was informed, "Yes, this can be published."  I was ecstatic and began altering my draft into a form worthy of the term, "published work."
Goose River Press was accepting of my budget and time constraints. I was aware that Goose River Press maintained competitive prices. I also discovered that Goose River Press was willing to research answers to questions like, "How can I put the book on Kindle?"  Deborah Benner of Goose River Press always responded to my emails directly and in a timely manner. She answered all of my questions; there were lots. Thank you.

Amanda Noble

Biddeford, ME



I've been working with Deborah at Goose River Press for a few months now, getting my book, "Framing a Life, Building a House, ready for publication later this very week. It has been a fabulous experience working with Deborah, fabulous.

Dr. Eileen Sypher

Chester, CT



Goose River Press and I have been working together for about five years now, and I have been most pleased with the quality of the work that the company produces.

—Witt Wittman, Editor

D-N  Publishing

Indian Trail, NC



Debbie Benner did an outstanding job on my book. I was very pleased with her attention to detail and patience throughout the process. When I received the book I was equally impressed with the craftsmanship involved. It then became apparent to me that she has probably mastered the art of book-making.

—Scott Brooks (deceased)

Omro, WI

Author of Tracings in Snow,, The Taste of Pitch and Thunder Lake






17 June 2010To Whom It May Concern:

I’m writing to express my deep appreciation to Deborah Benner and Goose River Press for everything that they have done to make my recent book, Catnip Daydreams a reality. 


When I first began looking for a company to publish my collection of cat cartoons I thought the process would be simple.  Quite to the contrary.  The various plans, options and schemes offered by the companies that specialize in self-publishing were baffling, confusing and nearly impossible to understand.  In addition I could not find a single one who would trim the book to the size or horizontal orientation I envisioned for my project.  For many weeks I dealt with the frustration, and had very nearly given up hopes of my book ever coming to fruition.


When a friend of mine in Maine suggested Goose River Press I went through the now-familiar motions of sending an email inquiry.  I assumed that I would run up against the same blockades that had plagued my efforts up to that time.  Instead I discovered a company that seems to truly understand my needs, was able to accommodate them, and most significantly was able to walk me through a process which was very unfamiliar and had become intimidating to me. 


I have worked in the customer service industry for more than 30 years and I scrutinize those companies and individuals with whom I have business dealings with a keen and uncompromising eye.  Unless I receive impeccable customer service I take my business elsewhere.  


I am delighted to be able to recommend Debbie Benner and Goose River Press.  They have proven themselves to be extremely sensitive and responsive to the needs of their customers.  They more than measure up to my very high standards for customer service. Goose River Press is the very first place (and will likely be the last necessary place) anyone interested in self-publishing needs to go for service in this field.

R.E. (Rick) Spencer

Catfeather Art & Music

Norwich, CT




Goose River Press has always done a great job for me.

1945 DONNA, FREMONT NE 68025




"I have self-published a workbook. It was my first experience and Deborah was very helpful and patient with all the questions I had. She helped me set my book up just the way I wanted it to be. Service was always prompt and very professional."

—Sybil Rose

Saunderstown, RI



I could have never found a better source to accomplish my mission of getting my book in print. When I got my first copy and began reading it, I felt so very grateful because Debbie from Goose River Press have given me so much personal attention and time to help me feel I was doing the right thing and everything was going to be great and so it was! I have recommended Goose River Press already to many friends and will continue to be grateful and appreciate Debbie's caring professional manner in publishing my book. Thank you. Gratefully, Bonnie.

Bonnie Broadus

24400 HWY 67

SAUCIER, MS  39574-9019




To Whom It May Concern:  I had my first set of books printed out a year ago, and being new to the whole business, I was very fortunate to be put in touch with Goose River Press. I worked directly with Ms. Debbie Benner, whom I can not praise highly enough! She was tremendous and a great help towards my endeavor. There was continued contact throughout the entire procedure, with follow ups as well. I am getting ready to have another larger volume printed, and have returned to Goose River Press to handle this for me. I recommend them highly, as they are not only extremely knowledgeable in this business, but they are very timely in getting the project at hand done, and their pricing is quite competitive. The client contact alone that I had with them speaks volumes! If you wish for more information from me, feel free to email me.

—Susan DeMarco



I was very fortunate to have my book prepared by Goose River Press. Goose River Press is "top notch" in every respect, due in large part, because of your mentoring, guiding and availability to the author during the entire process of making ready a manuscript. During the process, your advice was always constructive and articulate. Needless, to say, I have received many compliments on the lay-out and craftsmanship of my book's construction. Goose River Press is the best! My thanks to you and your publishing company.

—Professor Chester Schnepf, Chair
Humanities Department
Gateway Community College, New Haven, CT



To Everyone who wants to Self-Publish:  We are Eugene and Serene Hackel, who worked for two years to write a novel based on a true story. We were fortunate to find Debbie Benner at Goose River Press, who took our manuscript and produced a beautifully formatted hard cover book. Her combination of technical skill and artistic talent resulted in an easy to read and handsome presentation. Working with her was a delightful experience.

—Eugene and Serene Hackel
Goshen, CT

I found Debbie Benner through the Internet and came to Goose River Press with only a concept in mind that it was time to publish my poems. At that point I didn't know the length of the chapbook, the size, the title, the theme, the font, or what would be required from me to make this all happen. Debbie Benner, of Goose River Press was the perfect person to be connected with for my chapbook. She is professional, responsive, helpful, and thoroughly knowledgeable about the entire process. She helped me understand exactly what my limitations were as far as length and depth of the poems, reproduction expectations in relation to photography, and exactly what I had to provide to get the kind of book I wanted in the end. When I would ask for her advice or suggestions, she would remind me that this was my book and I could do whatever I wanted, but her expertise helped me choose the right font, the perfect photos, the stock and finish. I was very happy with the perfect binding. I am happy I went with the whole package she offered, leaving her to deal with bar code, Library of Congress registration, ISBN, etc. It all makes for a more impressive package and feels like a greater accomplishment. My many friends and huge family wouldn't have been more impressed if someone had paid me to write these poems and publish them. I'm already working on my second chapbook and when it's time, I'll definitely come back to Debbie Benner and Goose River Press.

—Elaine Heveron, Rochester, NY

Seeing the first copy of my book Kinship; Creator and Creation; Selected Poems left me more than pleased, for the Goose River Press staff had put together the book totally as I had visualized it.

—Charles A. Norton

Cincinnati, OH


The only three attributes sought in a printer/publisher are PDQ -- Price, Delivery, Quality. Finding one is helpful, Finding two is rare. But Goose River Press excels in all three! Thank you.

—Allan Young, Fairlane House Book

Springfield, MO


I received the book shipment today, and wanted to thank you for the professional quality work you put into the development of the book. I couldn't be more satisfied with the results.

—Jim Charbonneau
Wake Forest, NC

Deborah J. Benner of Goose River Press produces the finest quality books (and at the most reasonable prices in the US) which rival any printer. DeeMar Communications has had the privilege of working with her for 4 years now with great success. We have received nothing but rave reviews on the quality of our publications, and I can attribute this to the individualized attention and care Ms. Benner has given to each of our projects. She has a way of making her customers feel as if they are her only ones. We highly recommend Goose River Press.

—Diane Tait, DeeMar Communications



Throughout, Deborah Benner made sure that I was kept informed of anything and everything related to the project...Deborah Benner is a master of friendly communication. I was never made to feel inadequate or inept, and she encouraged me when I was down and kept my spirits up throughout. As a former residential business contractor, I found her to be very knowledgeable. Her firm benefits from her skill and experience.

—Gerald W. Brekke (deceased) 

St. Peter, MN


I have received many nice letters and notes from friends stating they are impressed with your books.

—Dorothy Mehal

2349 Norman Dr., Stow, OH 44224-2799


Comments on book have been very favorable. All do like the quality of the book.

—Phil Barragate


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